A1 Storage

Best Storage At the best Price in Norfolk NE


A1 Storage is conveniently located behind Runza west of 13th Street in Norfolk NE

Your Garage

If your garage is full we have storage space for you.

Home Staging

During a home move you will often need a place to store things.

Our short term contracts will allow you to store your things while you are moving from one home to another.

If you don’t have a garage use A1 Storage like a garage.

Temporary Space

If you need temporary space keep our mini storage units in mind.

Off-Season/Seasonal Items Storage

A1 Storage is a perfect place to store things such as Christmas decorations or summer use items such as patio furniture and outdoor cooking accessories.

Car Storage

Don’t leave your car parked outside.

Think of A1 Storage as a garage.

A1 Storage is an excellent place to store your collector or seasonal used car or motorcycle.

Our 10X 20 units will store most standard size cars.

Secure Storage

A1 Storage provides secure self storage units with both security cameras and security lighting.

Located in a public visible location

You furnish your own padlock.

A1 Storage at dusk

24 hour access

A1 Storage provides 24 hour access.

Contact Us Now

Contact us now to find out how we can help you with your storage needs

Contact Us Now

Our storage units are a wood frame building with steel roof and sides.

Excellent location

Our location provides both a very convenient location as well as a semi public location that provides a level of security.

A1 Storage is owned by Nielsen Family Enterprises LLC.

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