A-1 Storage offers a great solution to the constant problem of dealing with the majority of the items you might have to deal with during a move. There are some small rules you must adhere to when you’re preparing for storage. The following tips cover the basics of what you need to do to enjoy a safe and pragmatic solution to your self storage needs.

Begin with gathering as many boxes as you need, as well as packing supplies like markers, tape, bubble wrap or packing peanuts.

Use similar-sized boxes to make things easy to stack and save floor space inside your storage unit.

Pick strong boxes or totes that are capable of holding up a good deal of weight. Although it’s still not advisable to pack boxes full of heavy items, it pays if you have sturdy boxes with stronger durability.

Make an inventory list of the items you plan on storing. Keep your list at home for ease of reference without ever setting foot in your storage unit.

List the contents of the boxes on their sides and make sure they are facing the front for easy reference.

Carefully plan out your A1 storage space by putting up your most commonly used items up front. Make sure you avoid trying to store dangerous, flammable, perishable or toxic substances inside the unit as you are be allowed to do so.

You should set up your space by covering the floor with something to protect your belongings. You can use pallets to keep the furniture off the floor and protected against moisture and dust. A1 Storage provides pallets for your use. You can also protect the floor with plastic sheets as well.

Make sure you leave some open space in the middle of the storage unit so you can move around with ease. There should also be some empty space between the boxes and the walls so they can breathe.

Prop up the mattresses on their side against a wall. Make sure they are vertical, as they might bend over time and become bowed if you’re not careful. They can also be stored in plastic covers for protection from dust.

Make sure you cover up your furniture with something to protect it against dust and small impacts. It could be plastic; it could be blankets or even bed sheets.

Never place sharp or heavy objects on your upholstered furniture pieces or you risk damaging them.

Break down furniture that can be broken down into smaller pieces to save space for other belongings.

Use the drawers and cabinet space of your furniture pieces to store smaller items. This will save space and will protect them better than any cardboard box.

Use the original boxes of electronics to store them in your unit. No other box will hold them the same way and they will be much better protected from harm and dust.

Use machine oil to wipe bikes, tools and other metal objects clean. Lubricate them well enough for them to be safe while they stay in storage and not rust.

Be sure to drain water from any appliances such as washing machines, as water will freeze in the winter and can break things such as pumps.

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