Placing your personal belongings in a self storage facility requires being as efficient as possible – starting with the packing process. Regardless of how long you’re going to be storing your items, you’ll still have to pack them wisely to minimize the amount of storage space you’ll need and prevent damage. The following useful packing tips will help you pack and store your items safely and efficiently:

First and foremost, it is essential to use good quality boxes and packing supplies if you want to protect your possessions as best as possible. As time goes by, the strength and durability of boxes diminishes, so choosing good quality boxes ensures they will stay as strong as possible for longer periods of time. Consider buying similar-sized boxes so they will stack more easily. Proper stacking will also greatly help in saving space and making things more efficient overall in A1 Storage unit.

A-1 Storage Norfolk NE Packing Tips

If you have items that fit in a box or tote, then they should be inside one. Not only will it protect them from collecting dust, it will also aid in easier stacking later.

Avoid stuffing every box or tote to its full capacity especially if it’s being filled with items like books that will make the box heavy to lift and move around.

Major appliances such as freezers, refrigerators, stoves and similar objects should be thoroughly cleaned and defrosted before placing them inside your storage unit. Doing that will remove moisture and prevent mold. The same goes for washing machines – every little bit of water inside them should be completely drained and wiped dry so they can be safe to handle and store without worry. During the winter freezing is a concern in Nebraska. Be sure to not store anything that can freeze.

Use all possible space inside the pieces of furniture you plan on storing. This will free up valuable space in your A1 Storage unit. Whether it’s shelving, cabinet space or drawers – these are ideal spaces for placing fragile or odd shaped objects inside them for added protection.

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